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About Think Aerospace

“Think Aerospace” was created to celebrate and recognize all of the incredibly exciting developments in aviation and aerospace technologies. This field combines all of human knowledge, experience & ingenuity into one area. It is a sum total of all technologies that have so far been developed – rocket science certainly, but every other science too: physics, engineering, mechanics, electronics, biology, material science, computing, optics, robotics, networking, mathematics, etc.

So much more is required than just the hard sciences. Without the most sophisticated and cutting-edge thoughts in economics, finance, sociology, political science, business management, entrepreneurship and law, aerospace would never have gotten this far. To reach the stars, it will need so much more.

Some think of it as the next frontier for human exploration. I think of it as the new, new world with untold riches and opportunities awaiting us.

Reach for the stars – inspire and be inspired!